Battle-Ravaged Dennis Salvatier.


Battle-Ravaged Nintendo.
by Dennis Salvatier.

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Freytag Anderson   |   http.://

"A set of four limited edition prints entitled ‘Smile in the mind’ - a homage to the late / great Alan Fletcher."

Our philosophy is simple. We strive to distil what’s most important and represent this in the most effective, engaging way possible. Good design is the sum of many things; we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who each bring their unique skills to our projects. We foster an environment of experimentation and collaboration, adapting the best of what we know to push boundaries and define new possibilities.

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Motoi Yamamoto

Yamamoto’s works are mostly temporary, intricate, large-scale installations, or, “salt labyrinths”. 

"Salt, a traditional symbol for purification and mourning in Japanese culture, is used in funeral rituals and by sumo wrestlers before matches. It is frequently placed in small piles at the entrance to restaurants and other businesses to ward off evil spirits and to attract benevolent ones. 

Yamamoto forged a connection to the substance while mourning the death of his sister at the age of twenty-four from brain cancer, and began to create art out of salt in an effort to preserve his memories of her.

His art radiates an intense beauty and tranquility, but also conveys something ineffable, painful, and endless.”

Artist’s statement: 

“Drawing a labyrinth with salt is like following a trace of my memory. Memories seem to change and vanish as time goes by; however, what I seek is to capture a frozen moment that cannot be attained through pictures or writings. What I look for at the end of the act of drawing could be a feeling of touching a precious memory.”

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By Florence Caplain

The control room in an abandoned power plant somewhere in Eastern Europe.

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Redditor RudeBootie has made an album consisting in 125 fighting game backgrounds as GIFs. 

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brain-foodAbsolutely fantastic press & OOH campaign for Schusev State Museum of Architecture Moscow

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goodtypography: “Design Won’t Save The World” Tee in the WORDS BRAND™ US Store and EU Store.


goodtypography: “Design Won’t Save The World” Tee in the WORDS BRAND™ US Store and EU Store.

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13 Great Movies in 8-bit (GIFS)

via r/movies

EDIT: FOUND THE SOURCE! These gifs are from oktotally. Thanks for the tip anon! I usually just post a link to where I found the content from (even if it’s simply Reddit) and try to find the original source and put it in afterwards. 

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